NFL Draft 2010 coming soon to a Jupiter, FLorida TV Station near you.

NFL Draft 2010 coming soon to a Jupiter, FLorida TV Station near you.

The NFL Draft for 2010 is coming soon and I asked my son Lucas if he wanted to work with me on a detailed list of what we thought would be the results of this draft.  This is often referred to as a mock draft.  The draft is set for the 22nd of April and we will be sitting down in our Jupiter Florida living room watching the big screen TV loving every second of the 1st few rounds of this annual fun fest.  This is one bright moment in an otherwise dark few months each spring that Father and Sons must live through without their beloved football.  As a typical Jupiter, Florida high school football fanatic I figured with his expertise we could do a bang up job.  His help offered me the insight to how much our relationship had grown over the years from one of me teaching him all about this sport and other sports to now him teaching me so much more.  I sure hope that this blog post will be one that everyone will enjoy!  This is what we came up with;


2010 NFL Mock Draft 

1. Rams need a QB to lead their team, since they released mark bulger, they need a new face of the franchise, Bradford is clearly the best QB in the draft & he will go to the rams #1 overall

2. Detroit needs a defensive presence along with free agent pickups kyle vanden-bosch  & Corey Williams, Suh is a great choice for the Lions because if they don’t take him, it will hard for Corey Williams to adjust in the lions defense.

3. Tampa Bay has no presence in the defensive line after warren sapp & simeon rice left the team a couple of years ago. McCoy can become a huge part of their defense & is one of the best athletes in the country.

4. Washington has made a complete overhaul in the offseason & has made a huge splash since hiring shanahan as a head coach & bruce allen as the general manager. They need to replace the aging offensive line, this is where Trent Williams will thrive in guarding mcnabb this season

5. Kansas City allowed a lot of sacks last year & has been a laughing stock of a team for some time now. They need a lineman who can protect cassel in the trenches. This is where Anthony Davis would fit in the offense & immediately make an impact.

6. Seattle needs a RB badly because their running game was next to horrible last year. CJ Spiller will make a dominant statemet this year when he is chosen to be the seahawks next great runner since Julius jones.

7. Cleveland needs some presence in the defensive backfield, & this is why Eric Berry, considered the best safety in the draft can make a name for himself there.

8. Oakland is known to take high class talent in the low picks that they have had, but they have turned out less than subpar, this year is different when they select Russel Okung to make an offensive line presence there & will replace a bad o-line that cant protect the QB

9. Buffalo needs a receiver to replace T.O. but more than ever they need an lineman to help solidify the line they have been working on the past couple of years. Brian Bulaga is the answer to their prayers & immediately make an impact.

10. Jacksonville has lacked pash rusers these past couple of season. They need Jason Pierre-Paul to make a bad d-line into a team that rushes the QB a lot.

11. Denver needs a LB that can fit into their 3-4 defensive scheme. Rolando McClain is the answer that can help the newly acquired d-line during the season.

12. Miami needs to address the receiver position because their receivers are ok, but not good. Dez Bryant is a brilliant pick for them, despite the suspension should make a name for himself in Miami.

13. San Fransisco is unsure who is going to lead their improving team who can finally make a push to clinch the nfc west this year. Jimmy Clausen is a QB who can get the job done, who has got the job done at Notre Dame, now it is time for the 49ers to get an impact QB.

14. Seattle has another pick in the first round. This is time to address their offensive line, & vlad ducasse is a good fit for the aging offensive line.

15. New York Giants need a linebacker who can be a threat to help their defensive line who could not get sacks last year. Sean Witherspoon is a huge athlete who can help the giants right away.

16. Tennessee needs a pass rusher to replace vanden-bosch who went to the lions in free agency. Derrick Morgan from Georgia Tech can make an impact immediately & can help the titans a lot.

17. Now that the 49ers have a qb, they need an offensive line who can protect who ever is under center for the 49ers next season. Bruce Campell is a good fit in this situation.

18. Pittsburgh needs a CB who can be a presence& help the Steelers preserve leads at the end of the games. That was a huge problem last year. This is the time to draft Kyle Wilson, the best CB in the draft, & who can help the aging Steeler’s CBs.

19. Atlanta needs a hybrid player who can play on two parts of the defense. Brandon Graham is a player they are looking at to help the Atlanta defense right away.

20. Houston needs someone to replace duanta robinson who went to Atlanta during free agency. Joe Haden can be that man to step up & help the improving Houston defense.

21. Cincinnati can use a powerful safety in their defense. Taylor Mays is a perfect fit & can be an immediate starter for the Bengals,

22. New England desperately needs a tight end who can be a good blocker & a good receiver. Jermaine Gresham can replace ben Watson who hasn’t really helped the patriots at all.

23. Green Bay has given up a lot of passing yards last year. They need an impact corner who can cover the recivers. Patrick Robinson can be a good fit in their 3-4 scheme of defense.

24. Philadelphia lost Donovan McNabb but they need a offensive lineman who can replace the line who is always getting injured & are very old. Mike Iupati can be a good fit for protecting Kevin Kolb or whoever is under center for the eagles next season.

25. Baltimore needs a defensive line since they lost 2 d-lineman to free agency & trevor Pryce is getting older every year. Terrence Cody is probably the best choice for right now, then later in the draft, they can address the need for Corner Backs.

26. Arizona has gone in a completely different direction since Kurt Warner retired for good. Matt Leinart may be the future, but they need to address the safter position since they lost Antrell Rolle  to the giants. Earl Thomas from texas is the solution for helping out the cardinals defense.

27. Dallas has been a quiet team in the offseason & need a safety who can work in the center of the field. Chad Jones can make himself known in the backfield by working hard after being selected by Dallas.

28. Ladanian Tomilson has left the chargers after his worst season ever. Now they need a running back who can replace him & be a good receiver at the same time. Ryan Matthews reminds people of a young Tomilson & can make an immediate impact in San Diego.

29. New York Jets have lots of choices who to pick up. The defensive line is starting to get older, & they need some young blood for their defense. Cam Thomas can make a name for himself & surprise everyone who thinks he wont go in the first round.

30. Minnesota needs to replace Chester Taylor who was a huge backup for Adrian Peterson who can handle all the pressure of being a starter. Javid Best is a perfect fit & can help out Adrian immediately & help the Vikings offense.

31. Indiapolis is pretty set for making another run to the Super Bowl, but Jeff Saturday is getting older & may need some help. Maurkice Pouncey is a good fit because, he can go right away if Jeff Saturday gets injured.

32. New Orleans Saints need a RB & a Defensive Lineman to make sure than solidify another run to the Super Bowl. Either Dexter McCluster,  or Carlos Dunlap can help, but they should end up taking Dexter if they cannot sign their running backs.

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Comment balloon 3 commentsMichael Cantwell • April 10 2010 02:53PM


We here in Carolina would just like a first round draft pick, the Panthers traded the last two.

Posted by Dale Terry about 10 years ago

We are pretty  happy in Miami with the 12th pick.  I would hate to not have any 1st round picks like your team this year. Sorry for that but I hope your set in the other early rounds.  Good iuck to you and the Panthers!



Posted by Michael Cantwell, Helping you manage your largest asset. (Highlands Residential Mortgage Ltd., - NMLS ID #134871) about 10 years ago

I am a huge football fan and will actually watch the draft. I like your mock draft!

Posted by Bill Gassett, Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate (RE/MAX Executive Realty) about 10 years ago

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